IT+Robotics is part of the European Research Consortium SPIRIT

IT+Robotics is proud to announce its participation in the prestigious program for robotics promoted by the European Union, funded under the Horizon 2020  European Framework Program. In particular, IT+Robotics has been chosen for the SPIRIT  project, coordinated by Profactor  (partner with whom we collaborate on several projects since 2009). Among the italian participants Marposs and the Fiat Research Center.

Being chosen for this program is an important recognition and a wonderful opportunity to work with the best minds and technologies of our industry. It allows us to confront and experiment in contexts where the future of robotics is really being created.

The focus of the SPIRIT program is to develop a software framework to configure off-line robotic non-destructive inspection operations. In particular, the software will automatically define the path that the robot will have to do to cover the entire surface of the product using different types of sensors (2D, 3D, X-ray, Ultra-sound



Reduce engineering costs for robotic inspection operations by 80%

– Create a software framework that allows to move from ad-hoc designed solutions, based on the project, to generic solutions based on the product.

Reduce the return on investment to less than 2-3 years for this type of projects

Implement several hundred robotic installations per year

Help SMEs access global markets using a proven robotic inspection system

In the picture the participants to the kick off meeting held at the headquarters of Profactor in Austria (on the right our CEO ano Tonello).