The future of visual inspection applied to automated quality control.

IT+Robotics, along with the University of Padua, FIAT research Centre, FACC, Profactor and more, just kickstarted this pivotal project with a two days meeting. The final goal is to work towards a way to dramatically increase the flexibility of automatic quality control.

The concept of “Universal quality control” where the machine learns how to optimize its work according to the object it is inspecting.

Nicolò Boscolo is the IT+Robotics’ engineer managing the project and during the kickoff meetings said: “Cooperation is going to be crucial, as in every other EU Project, the teamwork is key and we learnt it over the dozens of past project we participated in”. “This time, our particular task is to develop a software capable of modelling the object and letting the machine find its optimal way around it to identify flaws, regardless of the sensors installed and the type of object placed for inspection”.

A 4 million Euros of investment over 3 years and the involvement of some of Europe’s leading innovation companies.

SPIRIT  is only one of the advanced technological challenges that IT+Robotics is working on, click here if you’d like to know more on this subject.


An example of surface mapping


An example of robotic quality control automation