IT+Robotics develops cutting-edge industrial vision products for quality control and robot guidance.

IT+Robotics is able to meet the needs of any kind of companies, be they end customers or integratorssmall companies or large industrial groups.

The products developed by IT+Robotics are flexible, easy to useefficientrobustpreciseinnovative and, above all, the products simplify processesoptimize timesincrease precision in industrial processes.
The result is a quick return on investment, both in economic and qualitative terms.


Bin Picking

Industrial vision solutions for the identification of the position and location of the products within the production line.

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Quality Inspection

Industrial vision solution designed to quickly and conveniently solve the problem of quality inspection. Be it on a conveyor belt, integrated with a robot arm or with a stand-alone device, quality inspection have never been easier to perform.

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