Custom systems

IT+Robotics specializes in developing quality control systems that can autonomously identify any defects in the products coming from a production line. By combining suitable lighting and video systems, ad hoc hardware and sophisticated analysis software, IT+Robotics creates systems that can be directly integrated to the production lines. Each item is analyzed without the need to slow down the production chain in any way.
Any defects which might be present are identified by sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms that elaborate the acquired images, searching for deviations or irregularities. The software autonomously interfaces with the production line so that the defective item can be removed.
IT+Robotics has successfully created vision-based systems that can perform dimensional checks, shape checks, material or completeness checks and surface checks. The items analyzed can be of different shapes and types, and can be made of several different materials. The R&D team of IT+Robotics is constantly at work in their search for reliable, efficient solutions for the non-conformity problems of the company’s clients.