Inspection robots are more and more frequently used in industry for quality control of parts with complex shape. The main concept is to move a sensor over the surface of the part so that all relevant areas are inspected.

The problem, known as coverage planning, requires generic solutions for key challenges like collision avoidance, motion planning and calibration and synchronization of robot motion and real-time measurement data acquisition. The deployment of such inspection robots is currently done manually or with semi-automatic motion-planning/calibration technologies. These inspection processes have been proved to be difficult, time-consuming and – consequently – expensive.

IT+Robotics objective within the EU ROCHI project, is to develop a generic framework that solves the coverage and path planning problem for inspection tasks with constraints like: inspecting sensor needs to move continuously over the part, the part is handled by limited multi-axis handling system (e.g. 6 axes or Cartesian robot).


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