Our 3D vision system specifically designed for bin-picking

EyeT+ Pick is a 3D vision system designed for random bin-picking and allow ANY robot arm to pick up objects randomly placed inside a container. 

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EyeT+ Pick is made of 3 components:

Smart Pick 3D Solid
No background eyet pick

Motor Pack

The Motor Pack allows to integrate EyeT+ Pick directly in the pick area using the provided flange. The Motor Pack contains a rotary actuator specifically designed to be integrated with EyeT+ Pick.

Smart Pick 3D Solid

EyeT+Pick can be perfectly integrated with the reliable software solution Smart Pick 3D Solid, which allows for the configuration and the monitoring of the system in a 3D programming environment.

Vision device

This device is developed to optimize our exclusive Dual Laser Technology. with lasers on both sides and a central camera it's great at avoiding blind spots and provides great definition.

Know more about bin-picking

Visit the dedicated website where you'll learn more on how EyeT+ Pick works and its benefits