Omnidome® is the innovative camera for video surveillance applications.
Omnidome® integrates a moving camera together with an omnidirectional camera: the two cooperate thanks to an innovative smart image processing software, in order to control the surrounding environment, and exploit the strong points of both camera types.
The omnidirectional camera is able to provide a global look at the whole environment in every moment: in this way the software can track a subject into the scene in a very simple and reliable way.
Information extracted by the omnidirectional image processing system are used to control the moving camera, and acquire high resolution shots of the interesting locations, people or objects. This way it is possible to limit the number of movements of the moving camera, thus increasing the components life. In Omnidome®, the moving camera is activated only when interesting events are detected in the environment by the omnidirectional camera. Otherwise, the moving camera is not operated.