The EURECA project framework is dedicated to innovate the assembly of aircraft interiors using advanced human-robot collaborative solutions.

A pool of devices/frameworks will be deployed for teaming up with human operators in a human-centred assistive environment.

The main benefits are the substantial improvement of ergonomics in workloads, the increase in the usability level of assembly actions, the digitalization of procedures with logs and visuals for error prevention through dedicated devices.

Solutions are peculiarly designed for addressing both the working conditions and the management of the cabin-cargo installation process, such as limited maneuvering space, limited weight allowed on the cabin floor, reducing lead time and recurring costs.

IT+Robotics is developing the algorithms for autonomous navigation of the mobile platform. This platform will support both the moving parts destined for furniture and the robot itself. The other task is to develop algorithms for locating and estimation of components, other than the visual servoing during the assembly phase.