IT+Robotics’ mission is to increase the flexibility of industrial processes by transforming the results of academic research into cutting-edge industrial solutions.

Our R&D department is in constant contact with the most advanced research institutes in Italy and aboard to create and improve technologies that IT+Robotics will transfer to companies thanks to its deep knowledge of the industrial sector.


IT+Robotics was founded in 2005, thanks to the collaboration among a group of professors and researchers coming from the Robotics field. The primary objective of the founders was to transform the results of academic research into reliable and effective solutions for the industry. A goal achieved thanks to the experience in the field and the deep knowledge of industrial processes.

 IT+Robotics in these years has grown and established itself as one of the leaders in the industrial vision sector, in Italy and abroad, exporting its made in Italy technology to several foreign countries.

What We Do

IT+Robotics designs and develops highly innovative solutions for robotics and industrial automation.

Specifically, IT+Robotics deals with machine vision applied to quality control and robot guidance. Moreover, IT+Robotics focuses on offline programming software for work cells and machinery.

Thanks to EyeT+ Pick and EyeT+ Inspect devices for random bin picking and quality control, and cutting-edge software designed and developed by IT+Robotics engineers, manufacturing companies and system integrators will increase the production efficiency by reducing the margin of error and limiting the need for operator support.