Smart Fish Picking Enhanced with Weight Inference

The challenge addressed by SPIWI project aims to autonomously transfer fresh fish that arrive in large trays to smaller trays, ensuring that the total weight of the second packed tray is kept within specified limits.

The system will be required to identify suitable fish to pick, establishing a stable grasp point that does not damage the fish. Moreover, it must assess the likely weight of the fish to minimize any trial and error adjustments of weight.

SPIWI aims to produce a big step forward in current industrial robot systems used in the food processing industry. The application of vision-guided robot technologies in the food industry could have a strong impact on safety and health in the workplace, hygiene of the processes, and production efficiency. SPIWI technology could be easily adaptable to a wide range of food processing applications thus greatly improving its potential impact.

SPIWI is part of ESMERA EU project network, which founds startups & SMEs developing robotics solutions. Click here below for more info on this project.