Robot Guidance


Smart Pick 3D is an ideal robot guidance solution for random bin picking. Thanks to the use of an advanced vision system, the Smart Pick 3D allows a robot manipulator to collect objects randomly arranged within a container, or else objects being moved along a conveyor belt. The use of vision systems allows for numerous benefits to be obtained with respect to conventional automation systems. One of the most important factors is the extreme flexibility with which various types of products can be handled using the same automation. Since the system collects the products directly from the containers in which they are stored, there is no need for mechanical systems dedicated to each single type of product. New product codes can be established directly by the end customer via the programming software supplied along with the system itself. Smart Pick 3D unit is compatible with all robots and PLCs, thus allowing for easy integration within the production line.

During the system’s development, particular attention was paid to the aspects of robustness and functional continuity, with no need for operator intervention. To this end, innovative proprietary algorithms have been developed in order to ensure the absence of contact during the gripping of each object. Furthermore, the gripping components have been equipped with a new mechanical anti-collision system designed specifically for this application.

The products to be collected can vary extensively, and therefore require different hardware and software technologies. By maintaining this approach, over the years IT+Robotics has developed three different robot guidance solutions, each of which is designed for a specific product family. This decision has provided for both an optimization of performance, as well as a reduction in the costs associated with the final systems themselves.

Smart Pick 3D Profile

Characterized by its high efficiency (lower cycle times per second), this solution allows for the precise gripping of objects from a moving conveyor belt using 2D cameras.

Smart Pick 3D Shape

Using a single 2D video camera, this solution allows for the precise gripping of flat objects stored in bulk containers. It allows for the object’s 3D position to be obtained with an inclination of up to 45° inside the container.

Smart Pick 3D Solid

Using a 3D camera, this solution is designed for the precision collection of complex geometric objects. The optimization of the system’s performance can provide for cycle times as low as 6 seconds per product, thus even allowing it to be used by companies with extremely high production capacities.


Version Context Products Technology Configuration
Profile Conveyor belt All Cameras Self-learning CAD
Shape Bin Levels Cameras CAD
Solid Bin All 3D sensor Self-learning CAD


The Smart Pick 3D and Smart Check 3D solutions (link) can be used individually or in combination, and are designed to be inserted into the final customer’s production line in order to completely automate the production, quality control and product packaging processes.


Main features:

  • Robustness: Flat, reflective and complex three-dimensional objects arranged in any manner.
  • Precision: Possibility of selecting the optics and sensors best suited to the precision requirements.
  • Scalability: Multiple fixed vision systems mounted on linear axes or robot manipulators.
  • Flexibility: Possibility of selecting the number of cameras and the positions of the lighting and laser units.
  • Reliability: Automatic programmable calibration in order to ensure maximum precision.
  • Economy: Industrial cameras, standard optics, independent laser projectors.
  • Ease of use: Off-line programming of new products in complete autonomy.
  • Integration: Compatible with all robots and PLCs in order to ensure maximum adaptability to the production.
  • Effectiveness: Decision-making and collision-avoidance heuristics for the complete emptying of the bin.
  • Customization: Specific algorithms and GUIs for handling particular cases.