WorkcellSimulator is a 3D simulator for the off-line programming of workcells and machines with several axis. Starting from the drawing of the piece which is to be worked, WorkcellSimulator simulates the entire work process, autonomously generating the code for the controller without the need to keep the plant busy during the programming.
WorkcellSimulator exploits the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to autonomously define the production process, controlling one or more manipulating robots and all the machines contained in the work cell. The program for the controller is generated using the most advanced robot motion planning techniques, which automatically guarantee fully efficient trajectories and the absence of collisions.
Thanks to a post-processor, the program can therefore be compiled in the different robot languages of the most popular manufacturers of robots and machines. The modular architecture of WorkcellSimulator adapts to the simulation of all kinds of industrial processes. Its flexibility is further increased by the scripting system, which allows for process customization without the need of particular programming knowledge.
WorkcellSimulator is the perfect choice in the field of industrial automation: it makes programming easier, from the most complex work cell to a single machine.