SafePath is a software designed for the off-line programming of numerical control machines. The simulated environment of SafePath ensures simple programming, verification and optimization of the generated code. With SafePath it is not necessary to stop the production to program the machine. The machine can continue the old production while the new process is generated in the 3D simulated environment of SafePath.
Thanks to its versatile editor, it is possible to create programs from scratch or to modify programs generated by your own CAM software, using a very simple procedure. SafePath exploiting its 3D simulation engine can verify, in real time, the movements programmed for the machine, detecting possible collisions. The user is therefore able to identify and correct any programming errors.
SafePath verifies the accuracy of the processing, ensuring that the production is within the desired ranges.
SafePath supports ISO and Heidenhain languages of the most popular manufacturers. To ensure maximum flexibility even with the use of custom machinery, the configuration of the commands can be further customized by means of a simple scripting system.