IT+Robotics in collaboration with Robox, realized the first completely ROS compliant Robox controller, the uRmc2.
IT+Robotics realized an ANSI C library, called cROS, that acts as ROS interface that can be compiled and installed over the Robox controller. This effort is a chance of reduce the gap among the industries and any enterprise or university that wants to transfer the know-how to industrial/service platforms. It means minor efforts for the technology transfer and a deep impact on the robotic manufacturing innovation process.

Il controller Robox uRmc2.

The Robox controller enhanced with cROS library system up to now offers the following features:

1. Management of ros messages included in the std msgs package.
2. Topic subscribe feature
3. Topic publisher mode
4. Services provider mode
5. Master API (missing minor functions)
6. Slave API (missing minor functions)
7. Implementation of the Parameters Server API
8. Management and development of the logging features exposed by the ROS tools
9. Complete support to the ros industrial messages

The embedded system can communicate with other ros nodes without the message packages installed. The messages are generated at runtime, then:
1. You just need the *.msg and *.srv files
2. Message generation means that cROS’ is platform independent, (e.g. usable under Windows)

The enhanced Robox controller has been used for the first time in an industrial project where a team of robot manipulators were managing metal parts to be weld.

After this first testbench we are looking for new ros-embedded environments where to test the system and fix ROS drawbacks in terms of industrial software requirements like robustness, safety and dependability.

IT+R is looking for new devices to interface with ROS. Devices that can even go beyond the industrial field: service robotics, internet of things and mobile platforms will be the next frontiners.

cROS is licensed under the BSD license