Quality control

Smart Check 3D is the IT+Robotics solution for verifying product conformity along the production line. Smart Check 3D combines an innovative 3D vision with the classical 2D vision in order to allow for the verification of the entire production range’s conformity. The system is extremely flexible in terms of the checks that can be performed, offering complete shape verifications, dimensional checks, surface inspections (such as stripping or denting) and verifications of codes printed on the product. The system’s automated quality control allows for an objective compliance testing certificate to be obtained for each individual product.

The Smart Check 3D solution is available in two versions: with a robot manipulator-based scanning system or with a 3D tunnel-based scanning system.

With the first option, which offers maximum product changing flexibility, a robot manipulator is used to move the three-dimensional vision system while it scans the work piece. For each scan, the user can select the checks to be carried out, along with the relative acceptability thresholds.

With the second option, which offers maximum scanning speed, a conveyor belt is used to bring the products to a measurement tunnel. The tunnel contains various control stations, which are designed to detect any product defects that may be present. With this version, each product can be analysed in less than two seconds, thus rendering it an ideal solution for companies with extremely high production capacities.

Smart Pick 3D and Smart Check 3D solutions can be used individually or in combination, and are designed to be inserted into the final customer’s production line in order to completely automate the production, quality control, and product packaging processes.

Checks available:

  • Surface defect checks (dents, stripping, etc.).
  • Form completeness checks (broken tabs, material build-ups, etc.).
  • Assembly checks (type, orientation, count, etc.).
  • Dimensional checks (length, area, volume, etc.).
  • Datamatrix or dater readings.
  • Custom checks.

Main features:

  • High performance :100% production control.
  • Precision: Possibility of selecting the optics and sensors best suited to the precision requirements.
  • Scalability: Multiple fixed vision systems mounted on linear axes or robot manipulators.
  • Flexibility: Integrated 2D and 3D vision systems.
  • Reliability: Automatic programmable calibration to ensure repeatability.
  • Economy: Industrial video cameras, standard optics, independent laser projectors.
  • Ease of use: Off-line programming of new products in complete autonomy.
  • Optimization: Automatic calculation of the optimal control cycle for systems with robots
  • Integration: Compatible with all robots and PLCs in order to ensure maximum adaptability to the production line.