WCS Coverage Planner

Inspection robots are more and more frequently used in industry for quality control of parts with complex shape. The main task is to use a robot to move a sensor over the surface of the part (or viceversa, the robot handles the part) so that all relevant areas are inspected. The deployment of such inspection robots is currently done manually or with semi-automatic tools. However, these inspection processes have been proven to be difficult, time consuming and, consequently, expensive.

WCS Coverage Planner is a generic framework to automatically program the robots to carry out the inspection process. The framework is able to manage all the key challenges coming from the inspection task: collision avoidance, motion planning, calibration and synchronization of multiple devices, including robots and cameras, modelling of the inspection process, including the time requirements of data acquisition system. 

The user is no longer required to program a robot for carrying out the inspection task, but just to define and configure the inspection task.


Robotic inspection systems are needed (1) wherever parts of complex shape need to be inspected, e.g. in aerospace and automotive industry; (2) wherever a flexible and easy to use solution needs to deal with small batches of products with different shapes (particularly for SMEs).

Other industrial processes requiring full coverage of the product, such as paint or shot peening robots can use WCS Coverage Planner.