Offline Programming



is the framework for the off-line programming and 3D simulation of robotic work cells and ulti-axis machines.

Instead of testing new tasks directly in the real plant, WorkCellSimulator saves many stop-production days simulating the work cell in a 3D virtual environment.

Starting from the high-level description of the process, lrWorkCellSimulator builds the virtual environment and simulate the behavior of the machines (e.g. bending machines, cartesian robots, CNC machines…) involved. lrWorkCellSimulator uses the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically ensure no collisions and maximum efficiency paths. The simulation results are then translated in the controller program, supporting the most common robot and CN manufacturers, to be uploaded on robots and machines.

The rWorkCellSimulator framework has a modular architecture that adapts to the simulation of any type of industrial process. Its flexibility is extended by the scripting system that allows the customization of the process without requiring any special programming skills.

WorkCellSimulator is the best choice in industrial automation, it facilitates programming at all levels: from the most complex work cells to the single machine.

The system integrator swiss army knife

The framework helps the system integrators to create tailored tools that are not available in the common robotic simulations suites. The tools will enable the operator, thanks to the AI powered task-planning engine, to dramatically reduce the process design and configuration times.

rWorkCellSimulator uses the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to autonomously define the production process, controlling one or more manipulator robots and the machinery in the work cell.

Multi-axis machines programming made easy

The framework helps the machine-builders to improve their programming interfaces for their own machines passing from programming the task to simply configure it using brand new algorithms for task and motion planning.